Sweden 01 Apr 2019

Woman Inventor of the Year 2019 is Camilla Byrinder Lundin

This year’s winner of the Woman Inventor of the Year Camilla Byrinder Lundin, was rewarded for her digital tool to reduce food waste in schools. The award was presented by the Swedish Inventors’ Association (SUF) on the International Women’s Day March 8th.

Since 2010, Camilla has developed her idea of ​​meal optimization to reduce food waste in schools and public kitchens. The product is now used in many municipalities and more are interested. It is a general interest to reduce food waste, gain control over food purchases and size of portions as well as vary the diet. The development goes towards the digitized kitchen, with the beginning in school kitchens and eventually include retirement homes. With the right information about the right amount of portions at the right time, the catering can make an optimal decision several hours before serving.

Camilla Byrinder Lundin is a worthy winner, concludes the jury, since her innovation work with QualiFare and Meal Time Optimization has proved sustainable and developable and is right in time. In addition to the award, Camilla also received a diploma and a scholarship of SEK 30,000. The awards ceremony took place at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Other nominees were;

Maria Lundmark – SPPO Special educators online,
Marie Edholm – Trapp Trygg, aids for the disabled/the elderly to get up & down stairs,
Marie Paulsson – Bolley, a training tool for rehabilitation and disabled people,
Emelie Rengart – Bonny, the world’s first strong edible glue that attaches directly, solidifies quickly and also has a good taste,
Nicoline Kinch – Kolormondo, a concept that in an easy-to-understand, tangible and broadly applicable way illustrates how colours are built up and related to each other
Susanne Hansson – Park bench that is always dry and clean
Ulla Edsköld Ramstedt – X-brush, extensible brush for nail polish
Lena Åsberg – relief of epilepsy in dogs.

Groth & Co sponsored the event. In addition, our Patent Attorney Malin Boström was one of the members of the jury.

We at Groth & Co warmly congratulate Camilla Byrinder Lundin for the award!

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