Nordic 23 Jan 2020

Winner of the Signum Award 2020: Almedalsveckan!

The Signum Award™ recognizes and rewards the Nordic company that best manages and develops its trademark – both communicatively and legally. This year, the prestigious award was awarded to the Swedish annual event ALMEDALSVECKAN for its outstanding branding efforts! The prize was founded in 1995 by Groth & Co.

Yes, it is possible to combine politics and tourism. Region Gotland, the municipality of Sweden’s largest island Gotland, has founded and developed an annual week-long democratic meeting place that attracts approximately 45.000 visitors and 2.000 organizers each year. It all started in 1968 when Olof Palme, minister of education at the time and later Prime Minister of Sweden, gave a famous speech in the Almedalen park. Since then, Almedalsveckan has been organized for 50 consecutive years and has become a phenomenon among political festivals that has inspired multiple countries to create similar events.

The municipality works with the brand ALMEDALSVECKAN (Almedalen Week) under the vision “The democratic meeting place for everyone” and manages to maintain control despite having almost 2000 organizers during the week.

The judges’ reasoning concludes that the awareness permeates all guidelines in communicating the brand and that the necessary trademark registration is in place. Region Gotland has thought of every little detail and have put forward the brand in an easily accessible and engaging way. In order to ensure that the brand is used correctly by all organizers during the week, a special version of the logotype has been created, which is registered as a collective trademark. “The brand itself is the hub that makes it possible to keep together a multifaceted event and to control what it is allowed to accommodate.”

Almedalsveckan’s project manager accepts the award with pride:

– The fact that our fantastic meeting place receives this award makes us extremely proud. The content and image of the Almedalsveckan brand are created jointly with the help of the nearly 2000 organizers who contribute with events, dedication and enthusiasm each year. I am extremely proud that most of the branding work is done within Region Gotland, by us and with limited resources, but with a big heart for our democratic meeting place. Collaboration is important to us and that is why I want to share this award with everyone who is involved in creating the Almedalsveckan! says Mia Stuhre, Project Manager Almedalsveckan.

This year’s nominees were, apart from Almedalsveckan; BOB, Husqvarna, Intrum and Östersjöfestivalen (Baltic Sea Festival).

The Signum Award™ – Signumpriset® – was awarded for the 26th consecutive year. More information can be found at  It is presented yearly at The Trademark Day.

We at Groth & Co warmly congratulate Region Gotland and Almedalsveckan for the Signum Award!

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