Nordic 24 Jan 2019

We congratulate the winner of the Signum Award 2019: POLARN O. PYRET

The Signum Award  is awarded annually to the Nordic company that stands out in its commitment to maintaining and developing its trademark. This year, it was awarded to the prestigious children’s clothing brand Polarn O. Pyret. The jury also decided to give an honorary award to the animal hospital brand AniCura. The Signum Award was founded by Groth & Co and was awarded this year for the 25th time.

“A 70s brand that has persistently maintained its line and adapted to today’s times” – that is how the jury starts this year’s reasoning. Polarn O. Pyret has since the beginning of the 1970s worked with sustainability as a central part of their brand, and each garment must be able to be passed on from child to child. This thought is very relevant today. While other brands make changes to work with and communicate sustainability, Polarn O. Pyret has had sustainability as a central part of their brand for a long time.

The guidelines are excellent with example a very accessible and illustrative Brandbook that all employees receive, supplemented with discussions, which guarantees both a control and a spread of the key areas of how to get the brand to the next level. In addition, the guidelines how to use the brand keep a high standard.

The protection of the brand meets all requirements and has grown in phase with the establishment of new markets. Polarn O. Pyret also has an explicit and clear strategy when it comes to infringement or passing off. Under the three headings “Consistent”, “Business-like” and “Understanding”, one has set up how to act in different situations.

Polarn O. Pyret receives the award with pride:

– It is a great honor for us to receive the Signum Award for our long-term branding work and a fantastic recognition on the update of the brand that we have done in recent years!   It is becoming increasingly important with a strong brand in a more global and digitized market and the brand is the starting point for all decisions we make,” says Petra Stenecker, Marketing & E-com Director, Polarn O. Pyret.

AniCura receives Honorary Award 2019

For the sixth time in the Signum Award’s 25-year history, an honorary mention is shared. This time to AniCura with the reasoning: “In a relatively short time, an exemplary branding work has been established in an internationally growing chain.”

This year’s other nominees

In addition to Polarn O. Pyret and AniCura, Barnängen, Com Hem, Moderna Museet, Perstorp, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling and Vitamin Well were nominated for the Signum Prize 2019.

Photo: Ewa-Marie Rundqvist

Photo: Jonatan Fernström

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