Stockholm 12 Mar 2015

We are test driving Renault Zoë

Thanks to our CSR commitment, we at Groth & Co have been given the opportunity to test drive the new electric car from Renault called Zoë.

Renault is launching the model Zoë on the Swedish market and are doing so by turning to companies who work actively with CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. After reading about our continuous work with CSR, Renault became impressed and called us to ask if we wanted to borrow a Zoë. Now we take turns to try the new car in Stockholm.

A modern electric car
Renault Zoe is a modern and agile city car that is 100% powered by electricity. It handles about 120 kilometers of driving on a single charge and has a range of modern features. Moreover, it goes very quiet. You can read more about the car here. 

We work with CSR
We believe that everyone must contribute to creating a better world – both in terms of the environment and our fellow human beings. We are working in our daily activities to contribute to a sustainable future by reducing paper consumption, recycling and by using eco-friendly goods as far as possible. In our comprehensive environmental and responsibility policies, our suppliers too must weigh environmental considerations in everything from business travel and transport, to the choice of materials.

In recent years we have conducted a number of charity projects together with our collaborative partners under the slogan “Together We Can Make A Difference™”. You can read more about our CSR commitments here. 

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