Worldwide 28 Aug 2013

We are launching ”Domain Watching”!

We are happy to introduce our new service ”Domain Watching” to our clients. This service allows us to monitor new domain name registrations in 220 national and generic top-level domains, to identify domain names that are similar to your protected trademark. Our weekly reports allow you to take timely and appropriate measures to prevent possible fraud and infringement.

It is crucial that you monitor you assets off- and online. Unauthorized registration and use of another’s trademark in domain names for illegitimate purposes continues to be a widespread problem. To effectively stop infringements, it is vital that such attempts are detected and dealt with as soon as possible. Defensive registrations may create some protection, but it is impossible and very expensive to try to foresee and register every version of your trademark as a domain name. A better solution, and in many cases a necessary complement, is domain name watching.

Continuous and pro-active management is necessary to maintain your IP assets and increases the value of your company. Our new service creates even better opportunities for our clients to secure the strength and value of their assets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about domain watching and IP services. Call us at +46 8 729 91 00, or send an email to and one of our experts will get back to you.

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