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The world’s most valuable brands 2019

Apple and Google can still be found at the top of the list of the world’s highest valued trademarks. But Amazon is catching up, now ranked at #3, followed by Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Facebook is no longer in the top ten.  The brand has lost 17% of value from its peak in 2017, when ranked #8, to now rank as number 14. New entries in this year’s list are Dell, Uber and LinkedIn. Scandinavian brands in the top 100 rankings are IKEA, H&M, Lego and Spotify. This is shown in Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brand report, released in October 2019.

The top three fastest growing brands included Mastercard (25% increase), Salesforce (24%), and Amazon (24%). Mastercard (#62, USD 9.4B) demonstrated the fastest growth of any brand this year, showing a 25% increase in brand value, jumping eight places in the rankings. In addition to Facebook, also General Electric (-22%), Gillette (-18%), Huawei (-9%) and Canon (-9%) have fallen in the ranking list.

The top five sectors were technology, luxury, media, financial services and sporting goods.

The ranking is produced by the international consultancy firm Interbrand and has been published annually since 1988. There are three key components to their methodology of valuations; an analysis of the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role the brand plays in purchase decisions, and the brand’s competitive strength.

Below you can see the changes in the list with the brands’ position and the brand value:

Top 10:

1. Apple ($ 234.2B)
2. Google ($ 167.7B)
3. Amazon ($ 125.3B)
4. Microsoft ($ 108.9B)
5. Coca Cola ($ 63.4B)
6. Samsung ($ 61.1B)
7. Toyota ($ 56.2B)
8. Mercedes ($ 50.8B)
9. McDonalds ($ 45.4B)
10. Disney ($ 44.4B)

Top Risers (increase in %):

62. Mastercard (25%, $ 9.4B)
70. Salesforce (24%, $ 8,0B)
3. Amazon (24%, $ 125,2B)

New Entries:

63. Dell ($ 9.1B)
87. Uber ($ 5.7B)
98. LinkedIn ($ 4.8B)

Scandinavian companies:

26. IKEA ($ 18.4B)
30. H&M ($ 16.3B)
75. Lego ($ 6.9B)
92. Spotify ($ 5.5B)

For a complete list of the top 100 brands, please click this link

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