Worldwide 23 Sep 2015

Sweden is a world leading innovative country

Sweden has a high capacity for innovation and is at the absolute top of the world. This is according to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s, WIPO’s, annual survey “The Global Innovation Index”. Sweden retains its third place in the rankings, where a total of 141 countries’ capacity for innovation is measured.

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States are the world’s most innovative nations according to The Global Innovation Index. The entire top-10 list can be found below, with each country’s position from 2014 in parentheses.

Among the 25 highest ranked countries are exclusively developed industrial countries. But countries like China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Uganda are among the countries with the fastest development in the area of innovation.

The Global Innovation Index examines innovation capabilities and results on the basis of 79 indicators. The rankings have been published annually since in 2007.

The world’s 10 most innovative countries:

1. Switzerland (1)
2. United Kingdom (2)
3. Sweden (3)
4. The Netherlands (5)
5. United States (6)
6. Finland (4)
7. Singapore (7)
8. Ireland (11)
9. Luxembourg (9)
10. Denmark (8)

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