Brazil 10 Aug 2021

Skateboarder may get trademark protection for nickname

When 13-year-old skateborder Rayssa Leal won Olympic silver, the lawyer Flavia Penido quickly filed a trademark application for her nickname “Fadinha”. The reason being only to protect Rayssa’s interests according to the lawyer.

The nickname Fadinha, means “little fairy” in Portuguese and Rayssa Leal got it in 2015 when a film of her was spread. In the film clip, Rayssa performs skateboard tricks wearing a blue suit with fairy wings on her back. The clip was noticed by skateboard legend Tony Hawk among others.

After Rayssa Leal received her silver medal in “Women’s Street Skateboarding” in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the lawyer announced that she has filed for trademark protection in skateboarding and related products and that she will transfer all her rights to Rayssa according to the lawyer’s Twitter post.

Image: Rayssa Leal, Tokyo 2020, Rede do Esporte, CC BY 3.0 BR

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