Sweden 25 Apr 2016

SEPAF participates in official discussion on anti-counterfeit

The Swedish Committee on Industry and Trade (Näringsutskottet) has sent out an invite to a public hearing on anti-counterfeiting in the digital market. The Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden (SEPAF) is one of the invited parties, represented by, among others, Mats Lundberg from Groth & Co, to provide their knowledge and experiences concerning this problem. The purpose of the public hearing is to highlight the effects of anti-counterfeiting and other intellectual property right infringements on both the industry, consumers as well as society as a whole. The intention is to encourage discussions and to provide the members of the committee with a deeper knowledge of this field.

The public hearing will take place on April 28th at 9.00 AM to 11.40 AM in Stockholm. The hearing will also be broadcasted live (in Swedish) on the website www.riksdagen.se


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