Sweden 12 Oct 2015

SEPAF has a new graphic design

SEPAF, the Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden, has a new graphic design. SEPAF ensures that its clients benefit through innovation protections, mainly in the form of patents, trademarks and designs.

  • The purpose of SEPAF is to maintain good ethics and high professional expertise within the field of industry. All members adhere to SEPAF:s Code of Conduct, and their ethics committee supervises and intervenes if any member violates the regulations.
  • In addition, they are engaged in matters relating to education and in the formation of public opinion within the field of innovation protection.
  • SEPAF regularly publish statistics of filed applications for patents, trademarks and designs, in Sweden and internationally.

Read more about SEPAF here

Groth & Co is affiliated with SEPAF and follows their Code of Conduct in regards to ethics and professional expertise.

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