Stockholm 04 Oct 2019

Re:newcell winner of a Nordic startups award

The Swedish company Re:newcell has developed a recycling technology that transforms textile material such as old clothes into natural dissolving Circulose pulp. Last week, the company became a winner of the Norrsken Impact Awards, a reward given to Nordic impact startups. The award was given to three companies; Re:newcell, Ignitia and N2 Applied.

Re:newcell was founded with the purpose to challenge the fact that only a negligible small part of all clothes being produced in the world, is recycled.  The company has become the world’s first manufacturer of high quality textile raw material produced from consumer textile waste. For two years, H&M has been part-owner and during spring 2019, Re:newcell delivered their first commercial order. The material is a kind of cellulose fiber that can be used to produce, for example, viscose fiber for garment manufacture.

Groth & Co gives IP-related advice to Re:newcell concerning trademark and domain name solutions. We congratulate Re:newcell to the Norrsken Impact Award and wish them continued best of luck!














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