Stockholm 08 Oct 2013

Pictures from our seminar “IP in India”

On Thursday October 3rd we hosted a seminar together with Sweden-India Business Council on the topic of Intellectual Property in India. The speakers at the seminar were H.E Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison (Ambassador of India to Sweden and Latvia), Mr. Pankaj Soni (Partner at Remfry & Sagar), Max Olofsson (Director, Patent Licensing at Ericsson), and seminar was hosted by Molly Baxi (Indian Trademark Attorney at Groth & Co). You will find some pictures from the seminar and the subsequent mingle below.

Photographer: Tommy Fondelius

Groth_india_600px-7873 Groth_india_600px-7883  Groth_india_600px-7921 Groth_india_600px-7924 Groth_india_600px-7934 Groth_india_600px-7942 Groth_india_600px-7943 Groth_india_600px-7946 Groth_india_600px-7953 Groth_india_600px-7964 Groth_india_600px-7967  Groth_india_600px-7982 Groth_india_600px-7988 Groth_india_600px-7992  Groth_india_600px-8020 Groth_india_600px-8021 Groth_india_600px-8023 Groth_india_600px-8025  Groth_india_600px-8037 Groth_india_600px-8041 Groth_india_600px-8044 Groth_india_600px-8047 Groth_india_600px-8057 Groth_india_600px-8069 Groth_india_600px-8073 Groth_india_600px-8076 Groth_india_600px-8095 Groth_india_600px-8101 Groth_india_600px-8126 Groth_india_600px-8128 Groth_india_600px-8130 Groth_india_600px-8137 Groth_india_600px-8144 Groth_india_600px-8145 Groth_india_600px-8150 Groth_india_600px-8156 Groth_india_600px-8162 Groth_india_600px-8167

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