Dallas 23 May 2013

Pictures from our INTA reception

INTA is the world’s largest annual trademark conference, which Groth & Co have attended for many years now. During this year’s INTA in Dallas, Texas, we hosted a reception for clients and partner organizations at the Dallas World Aquarium. It was a very pleasant evening with great opportunity for socializing and networking. The theme for this year’s reception was that for every attending guest we would donate 100 SEK to build water ponds in Mashuru, Kenya.

Due to a great number of attendees at the reception we managed to collect 82,000 SEK, or approximately 11,700 USD, to our partner Eriks Development Partner and the building of water ponds in Kenya. This is the highest amount we have ever donated – a great success! We thank all of our guests that made this possible!

The water ponds are used to collect water for farming and come with an easy-to-use irrigation system. We are building these to create sources of livelihoods for the Maasai people, and to help them grow nutritious vegetables. A single pond covers the needs for one entire village and a school. We will be able to build eight ponds!

Once the ponds are finished, we will get back to you with more information.

Meanwhile, please have a look at some pictures from the event below. All of the attending guests have helped us with this donation. Together we can make a difference!

Photographs by: Helmutwalker Photography

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