Alicante 24 May 2021

Our colleagues in Alicante say hello!

We have taken the opportunity to ask our colleagues Ruth and Agustin how things are at our office in Alicante. In the “interview” we learn that it feels good to work in sunny Spain, despite the pandemic, and that the economy is getting stronger and they look forward to being able to participate in conferences etc. As a member of AIPPI, they work in various projects; harmonization of Designs worldwide and amendment of Spanish trademark law to name a few.

Hi Ruth and Agustin, how are things in Spain and Alicante? 
Ruth: Everything is ok in Alicante which is particularly the best place to live in Spain at the moment. The situation has been improving since the month of April 2021 and now the city is very healthy. Working load has not stopped since we have a small structure and paperless Office since it started. Work has been digitalized and online meetings have developed.

Agustin: Everything is perfectly fine, as usual. We have more or less a very similar working load to the year 2020. I am perfectly healthy, working most of the time from the office this year, which feels better than teleworking.

Any special plans for the summer holiday?  
Ruth: I will probably travel to Italy or even stay in Spain in the mountains not so near the sea, since we are living near the beach in Alicante.

Agustin: I am planning to visit Portugal with my family, so it is going to be my first international trip since 2019.

Any news at work?
Ruth: At the moment we are dealing with some cases before the General Court, the ECJ and the Supreme Court of Spain. It seems very exciting although we only receive complicated cases when having to file appeals before high instances Courts and it is likely that it might be difficult to be successful.

Agustin: We will be working as usual, we would like to attend IP conferences on site as in the past (not a virtual conference), we are really looking forward to attending the INTA conferences or similar annual meetings in the future.

Any news about Spain, in general.
Ruth: In general, Spain is now starting to go through a strong economic crisis but health is not at all a problem. Spanish authorities have been too severe with restrictions. In particular, in our region (Valencian Community) we have a very particular situation in which the pandemic has always very low rates or not rates corresponding to any pandemic situation. Bearing in mind that tourists are not coming and only residents live in Alicante, there are not so many people and the weather is always very good here.

Agustin: The general atmosphere is now getting better as soon as the summer is coming and the pandemic is less noticeable. We hope that EUIPO will start holding meetings, seminars and conferences on site soon.

If you would come to Sweden again, what would be the first thing that you would like to do?
Ruth: We would like to travel to Sweden and enjoy the midnight sun as well as the free atmosphere of social life there despite of social distancing.

Agustin: We of course would like to visit Stockholm in the near future if possible. Besides working, my interests would be hiking, visit Swedish forests and open water swimming.

Concerning my present and future professional projects:
Ruth: I have been participating in the AIPPI Project for harmonization of Designs worldwide this year. Our proposal has been sent to AIPPI secretary as a national group and we have also recommended to change laws to improve the Design Law worldwide. I will also be participating in September 2021 in a Digital Mainstream Symposium organized by OBS Business School where I am an online professor together with the Lomonosov Moscow State University, European Foundation for Management Development and Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia. Those universities want to become digital and provide online courses and OBS Business School is already a native digital School for master’s and in general postgraduate Studies at universities.

Moreover, I have just been asked to give opinion and ideas to improve the new project for amendment of Spanish trademark Law within our AIPPI national group.

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