Stockholm 20 Nov 2014

Nobel’s carriage is shown at an exhibition in Stockholm

Alfred Nobel’s carriage is one of the items displayed at the exhibition GRAND ANTIQUES. The exhibition is Scandinavia’s most renowned antiques fair, and is organized by the Swedish Art and Antique Dealers Association every second year. This year, the exhibition can be seen at Nordiska Museet (the Nordic Museum) in Stockholm, November 21-23.

The carriage was manufactured by Alfred Nobel’s brother Ludvig at his factory in St. Petersburg, and has the initials AN. It is equipped with electric light invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1879, only a few years before the carriage was built in 1882, and the lights still work.

We at Groth & Co assisted Alfred Nobel with his patents in the late 1800s and wrote, among other things, the patent application for his invention “Extra dynamite.” For this reason, we are a pound sponsor of the exhibition of the Nobel carriage and has also lent the exhibition some other artifacts, such as a notebooks and a power of attorney signed by Nobel.

Below you can look at some images from the exhibition.





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