Worldwide 15 Sep 2020

Mats Lundberg is a Global Leader according to World Trademark Review

Mats is the only Swede from a specialised IP law firm to be featured in this prestigious list, where his broad experience and business acumen is particularly highlighted by WTR:

Rich experience encompassing all facets of trademark analysis, protection, management and monetisation makes Mats Lundberg a sophisticated brand strategist. He is highly adept at putting IP rights to work for the advancement of business goals.

Global Leaders is a ranking by World Trademark Review that brings together the world’s foremost law firm and corporate experts in trademark practice and aims to identify the elite of the trademark world in a single publication. The professionals included merit special attention owing not  only to their expertise and experience in relation to creating, protecting, managing and enforcing critical brand rights, but also to their ability to innovate, inspire and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.

In addition to Mats’ prestigious feature, WTR has also conducted and published an interview with him where he answers the questions below. You can read the entire interview by clicking this link.

As managing director and head of the law and trademark department, what does effective leadership in the field of IP law look like to you? 

How have your roles at the European Communities Trademark Association (ECTA), the Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden (SEPAF) and the Stockholm IP Law Review helped your professional development and why are these organisations important?

You are also a board member of Skriptor AB and Markify AB. How have you seen trademark name clearance and search services evolve in recent years and what advice do you have for brand owners undertaking these tasks?

What would you say are the top three requirements for a successful cross-border IP strategy?

What are some of the biggest enforcement challenges facing brand owners in Europe at the moment and how can these be overcome?

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