Worldwide 05 Nov 2019

Life Science – increase of international filings

The longterm trend of decreasing numbers of filed PCT applications by Swedish actors within the Life Science field, has now finally turned. For the first time in ten years, these patent applications are now increasing. 

The number of PCT applications from Swedish Life Science applicants, has not been able to keep pace with the global level but has had an average growth of -7%, which is nine percentage units lower than the global level. However, a report issued by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) this year, shows an obvious increase in recent years and the last measurable year (2016) shows a 10% increase compared to the previous year. 

International patent applications increased the most within Medtech, where the number during one year (2015-2016) increased by as much as 31%. Pharmaceuticals increased by 7%, while biotechnology decreased by 13%. 

”In Sweden we have a few large companies that account for a majority of the applications. But a lot of research is also conducted at universities, without commercial purposes and at smaller companies that do not have the same resources. There is great potential here.” says Peter Strömbäck, the Director General for PRV, in a press release. 

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