Sweden 14 Sep 2017

Karin Crafoord to the SACG Board

Groth & Co’s litigator Karin Crafood has recently been elected to the board of the Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group, SACG. The board consists of a number of competent lawyers from Swedish industry, academy, as well as the IP law and general law industry.

SACG has been actively working to raise issues of piracy to legislators and other decision makers, both inside and outside Sweden. SACG’s work is conducted mainly through opinion formation, lobbying, preparation of referrals, and seminars for members and other stakeholders. SACG also collaborates with customs, police and prosecutors, as well as other organizations and authorities in the field, and is constantly involved in the international efforts to combat piracy, especially within the framework of the European Commission Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy.

The illicit trade in pirated goods not only has significant economic consequences, due to its impact on research and development, the labor market and free competition, but is also part of an increasingly international organized crime and poses a threat to human life, health and safety.

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