Sweden 02 Jun 2021

IVA’s 100 list: Research for sustainable emergency preparedness

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has presented their list of research projects with commercial potential focusing on preparedness and society’s capacity to manage crisis. The topic “Sustainable crisis preparedness” is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic and other challenges we face. The projects on IVA’s 100 list are selected to create value for companies or society and are applicable in various categories.

IVA’s 100 list wants to highlight the need for researchers and companies to find each other and collaborate to solve the challenges we face as a society. By building bridges between academia and business, research with the potential to change the world will have a better chance of being turned into actual benefits, and thereby making Sweden more competitive. Many of the challenges brought by the pandemic are linked to emergency preparedness and the capacity to manage crises. But the research featured on this year’s 100 List is not limited to pandemics, it also addresses other crises that sweep through society such as wars/geopolitical conflicts, natural disasters, financial crises, cyberattacks, or shortages of water, energy, raw materials, components and talent.

The 51 research products on IVA’s 100 List 2021 have been selected because they create value for companies or societies in the form of knowledge, processes, products or business development. The research can be applied in one of the following areas:

Smart industry
Circular economy
Society and prosperity
Business models
Green industries

The selected research projects from Swedish colleges and universities are all considered to have great commercial potential.

About IVA’s 100 List
The 100 List is produced by the IVA Research2Business (R2B) project which aims to support Sweden as a leader in turning academic research in the engineering and economic sciences into innovation and competitiveness in business and industry. IVA’s 100 List was launched in connection with IVA’s 100th anniversary in 2019, which is how the initiative got its name. The project is run in cooperation with Vinnova, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV), the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Knowledge Foundation, Almi and Sweden’s universities.

Here you can find the innovative projects (in Swedish, some projects are presented in English)>>

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