Sweden 08 Sep 2014

Increase in patent and trademark filings

There has been a major increase in the number of patent filings the past three months from Swedish enterprises. The number of patent filings has been on a stable level for the past five years, hence it is difficult to say if there has been a change in the trend.

The number of trademark filings has also increased for the past three months compared to last year.

The numberof filings for design is low and the trend is not as positive.

– The statistics from SEPAF show a positive trend and that Swedish enterprises are more active in protecting their intellectual property rights, says Mats Lundberg, Chairman of Sepaf and Head of Law and Trademark Dept. at Groth & Co.


Source: SEPAF (The Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden) Innovation Index, SII

SEPAF Innovation Index gives an indication on Swedish business activity from an IP (Intellectual Property) perspective, as it presents the development of Swedish applications for patents, design and trademarks; in Sweden and abroad.

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