Worldwide 16 Dec 2021

Highest increase in brand values in 22 years

The value of the world’s top 100 brands has increased by 15%, the highest increase since the rankings began according to Interbrand’s annual report “Best Global Brands 2021”. Against a background of great social, economic, and technological change, the digital trend is still on the rise with Apple in first place closely followed by Amazon and Google who together stand for 62,3% of the value of the top ten brands and 33% of the total value. Spotify rose by 16% and Lego by 21% among the Scandinavian brands. This year’s new entry is Sephora.

The top ten brands are unchanged from last year and have seen a brand value increase from 3% for Mercedes-Benz (#8) to 27% for Microsoft (#3). The tech companies retain their positions amongst the top five.

Tesla (#14) had the largest rise in rankings, from $12,8B at number 40 to $36B, an increase of 184% which is the fastest growing brand value of 2021. Salesforce (#38) rose significantly from number 58 valued at $10B to $14,8B partly due to use of  their software in the fight against Covid-19. PayPal (#42) has also seen a substantial growth moving from number 60 with a brand value of $10,5B to $14,3B.

This year’s newcomer is Sephora with a brand value of $4,6B making their owner LVMH Group the largest group owner in the list with five brands.

Last year’s newcomers remain in the list with Instagram at a steady place at number 19 with a brand value of $32B. YouTube (#26) and Zoom (#91) increased in the rankings and raised their brand value with 21% and 24 % respectively.

The ranking is produced by the international consultancy firm Interbrand and has been published for over 22 years and consists of the 100 highest valued brands worldwide. There are three key components to their methodology of valuations; an analysis of the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role the brand plays in purchase decisions and the brand’s competitive strength and its ability to create loyalty and, therefore, sustainable demand and profit into the future.

In the list below you can see the changes with the brands’ position and the brand value:

Top 10:

1. Apple ($ 408B)
2. Amazon ($ 249B)
3. Microsoft ($ 210B)
4. Google ($ 197B)
5. Samsung ($ 74,6B)
6. Coca-Cola ($ 57,5B)
7. Toyota ($ 54B)
8. Mercedes-Benz ($ 51B)
9. McDonald’s ($ 46B)
10. Disney ($ 44B)

New Entry:

100. Sephora ($ 4,6B)

Scandinavian companies:

27. IKEA ($ 20B)
43. H&M ($ 14,1B)
66. Spotify ($9,7B)
71. Lego ($ 9B)

 For a complete list of the Interbrand’s Top 100 brands, please click here>>

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