Nzeveni, Kenya 12 Nov 2013

Groth & Co builds water ponds in Kenya

In 2011 we dug a water well in Mali. Last year we built a school kitchen in Uganda. This year we have built water ponds in Kenya!

During this year’s INTA conference in Dallas, Texas, we hosted a reception for clients and partner organizations at the Dallas World Aquarium. The theme for this year’s reception was that for every attending guest we would donate 100 SEK to build water ponds in Mashuru, Kenya. Due to a great number of attendees at the reception we managed to collect 82,000 SEK, or approximately 11,700 USD, to our partner Eriks Development Partner and the building of water ponds in Kenya. This is the highest amount we have ever donated – a great success! We thank all of our guests that made this possible!

The money was handed over to our partner Eriks Development Partner in order to build eight water ponds in Kenya. We are very pleased to tell you that the ponds are now completed! Together we can make a difference!

The water ponds collect rainwater and once they are filled they provide an entire village with water for 3-4 months, or to the next rainy period. The water is used as drinking water and for irrigation to grow nutritious food such as spinach and tomatoes to the community as well as to the local school.

Below you can see some pictures from the village Nzeveni, about 140 kilometers southwest of Nairobi.

Photographer: Pelle Wahlgren


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