Groth & Co are celebrating 150 years and launching a digital museum

Groth & Co was founded in 1869 as Scandinavia’s first patent agency. Lorenz Albrecht Groth offered to assist inventors with applying for patents, but also to commercialize the patents and sell the products. Since then, a lot has happened in the world as well as within our company, and we want to take this opportunity to share our historical knowledge and professional experience.

Therefore, we have launched a digital museum. In the museum, you will learn about the great inventors, technical breakthroughs and innovative companies we have been involved with since 1869. For decades, our clients have shaped the present and the future, and our history reflects the industrial development that has taken place in society at large.

In our digital museum, you can experience 40 selected moments from the last 150 years. Here you will find Nobel’s Dynamite, Edison’s Light Bulb, de Laval’s Separator, the Compass, the Pacemaker, the Calculator, ABBA, Google’s launch in Sweden, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

Welcome to business history from industrialization to digitization.
Welcome to the development from the dynamite to cryptocurrencies.
Welcome to our digital museum!


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