Stockholm 09 Apr 2014

Cecilia Wikström gave a presentation at Groth & Co

The Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström leads the EU’s efforts to reform and further harmonize the European trademark system. Monday, March 3rd, she spoke for the first time about her work in a seminar in Sweden, at Groth & Co.

During the seminar Cecilia Wikström spoke on the EU Parliament’s view on certain issues when they apply to the coming changes of the trademark system. Among other things, she raised the issues of piracy and goods in transit passing EU.

Below are pictures from the seminar.

Photographer: Tommy Fondelius


Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_3968Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_3911 Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_3924 Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_3929  Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4027 Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4050 Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4069 Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4142Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4119Groth_CeciliaW_600px-DSC_4120 

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