Sweden 26 Oct 2016

Brand Entity creates names, designs and protects trademarks, from idea to product launch

Brand Entity is a collaboration between the naming agency Skriptor, the design agency Loogo and the IP law firm Groth & Co. Together, we support companies and organizations in the creation of new brands, from idea to global launch.

When the name creators, logo designers and intellectual property professionals from the bureaux met, the idea occurred to create new brands – with globally feasible names, graphic designs and legal protection – in one process. The group created a comprehensive method, including search and registration of domain names, and tested it on themselves. The result was Brand Entity, which now assists others in doing the same. The new aluminum-free deodorant Desti is the first product that has gone through the process and is now starting to capture market shares on cosmetics market in Sweden and the Nordic region.

With references like Crestor, Absolut Kurant and Advania, Skriptor has created brands that have become well-known. Loogo has nearly 30 years of experience from creating logos such as Autoexperten, HusmanHagberg, Swedish Construction Clients and Global M2M Association. With 140 years of expertise in intellectual property, Groth & Co was for the second time awarded Sweden IP Firm of the Year, by the leading industry magazine Managing Intellectual Property, MIP.

Brand Entity is based in Stockholm, with the team that is assembled from each project’s needs.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact either Brand Entity at or Groth & Co

You can also visit our website www.brandentity.se

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