USA 10 Jul 2019

Angry Birds sues Angry Birdz

Finnish game creator Rovio Entertainment, which owns Angry Birds, has sued an American fast food chain with chicken on the menu for trademark infringement. Rovio argues that the restaurant profits on the huge popularity of the game by taking the name and also using the same font.

The American fast food chain Angry Birdz Nashville Hot Chicken located in Los Angeles received a cease and desist letter earlier this year but has not taken any action. Therefore, Rovio considered it necessary to sue the fast food chain. Rovio has close collaborations with several of licensees who produce products with Angry Birds’ brand. The consumers can therefore be misled into believing that there is some form of cooperation with this food chain, which is not the case. In the lawsuit, Rovio seeks unspecified damages as well as prohibition against the chicken restaurant from using Angry Birds’ name or logo.

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