Uber is a global technology company best known for its app-based taxi business. In less than a decade, the company has been launched in 785 major cities worldwide and reached a valuation of $72 billion. In 2016, Groth & Co assisted Uber in an opposition in Sweden regarding its main trademark, Uber®. 

Uber was founded under the name Ubercab in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp. The name Uber comes from the German word “über” which means over or above. The German word has long been used as slang in the United States, where it has taken on the meaning “super” or “the best”.

The company’s first service was launched in 2011. With a smartphone app, San Francisco residents could book a black luxury car, but at a more expensive price than a regular taxi. In the following year, a more traditional taxi-like service was launched. But it was in April 2013 that the service the company would later become most famous for was launched. Through the Uber app, users could now book cars and drivers for transport, like a taxi service. But the drivers, who had only to meet low requirements, could use their own cars and therefore the price was often lower than a regular taxi. The app used GPS to match the client with the driver, and for the driver to find the client. In 2013, Uber was launched in Sweden.

In 2016, Groth & Co assisted Uber with a trademark opposition in Sweden. The Swedish company Red Core had submitted a trademark application for UBERSKILLS for goods and services similar to those for which Uber had registrations. Our task was to limit the scope of Red Core’s registration so that it did not infringe and damage Uber’s trademarks. You can read more about our work here.

Today, Uber is a global company whose services are available in 785 cities worldwide. The business has extended from taxi operations to now also include food deliveries, as well as bicycle and car hire. In the summer in Croatia you can also use UberBOAT to take a racing boat between the beautiful islands.

Uber is currently valued at approximately $72 billion (August 2018), and the company is planning an IPO in 2019.