FundedByMe® is a digital platform for crowdfunding – a method for companies to seek funding from many individuals. Up to 2018, FundedByMe has provided funding to a total value of €55 million. Groth & Co registered their trademark globally in 2014.

Crowdfunding is a way to finance a company or project through small investments from many people. Usually, this is done through dedicated websites where companies set up digital pitches that individuals can share and then choose to invest in. The benefits for companies bringing in venture capital through crowdfunding include the fact that large sums can be collected without having a network of  investors and that the individuals who invest can serve as ambassadors for the company. In 2015, global funding through crowdfunding amounted to over $34 billion.

In Sweden, crowdfunding has become a natural and important tool for financing startups and growth companies. In 2012, FundedByMe was launched as the first crowdfunding platform in Sweden. Since then, the company has become a well-known player competing against other similar platforms. Groth & Co registered FundedByMe’s trademark worldwide in 2014.

Since its inception and up to 2018, FundedByMe has provided funding worth over €55 million to 470 companies in 25 different countries. For example, the Swedish electric car manufacturer Uniti and the food chain Paradise have collected about €1,2 and €2 million respectively through FundedByMe.