Plantagon International AB operates in the sector of urban agriculture and has won a number of global awards for its innovation. Their vertical greenhouses are located in cities to grow fresh crops close to the consumer with minimal negative environmental impact. Since 2012, Plantagon has engaged Groth & Co for strategic advisory services related to IP.

A 3D model of Plantagon’s urban greenhouse

By 2050, the population of the Earth is expected to increase by about 3 billion people. We already use more than 80% of the planet’s cultivable land for agriculture. In order to meet the growing need for food, we need more cultivable land – an area roughly the same size as Brazil. To produce food with minimal negative environmental impact, we should also grow it as close to the consumer as possible, and by 2050, up to 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in metropolitan areas. In a dense urban environment, access to land is very difficult and the price is very high. In order to create sustainable food production in cities, we need to produce the maximum amount of food in a minimal area, while using minimal resources and minimising waste.

A 3D model of Plantagon’s urban greenhouse

With the intention of solving these global problems, the Swedish innovation company Plantagon International AB was founded in 2008. Plantagon has developed a patented concept for growing food in greenhouses in urban environments. Their technology aims to reduce the need for energy, water and pesticides as well as emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), and waste heat from housing and industry. By growing food in metropolitan areas, transport needs can also be reduced.

Groth & Co has been working with Plantagon’s IP matters since 2012. We have created a global IP strategy and handled operational issues and applications for patents, designs and trademarks. You can read more about our strategic work for Plantagon here. We have also played a big part in Plantagon’s funding. Prior to their international expansion, we first carried out a patent valuation and later a trademark valuation. This information was then used as investment information during talks with potential financiers. Here you can read about the work on Plantagon’s patent valuation and brand valuation.

Today, Plantagon is a world-leading pioneer within the areas of food safety and CSR, combining urban agriculture, innovative technological solutions and architecture to meet the demand for efficient food production in cities. Plantagon has won numerous awards and has been awarded the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award as one of the world’s most innovative companies.