Rikard Kånge


European Patent Attorney

Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)


Rikard is a patent attorney who specialises in polymer chemistry, surface chemistry and medical technology. He works mainly with customers within Life Science, Pharma and Medtech, as well as materials and process chemistry.

Rikard works as an adviser to clients in all types of patent-related issues, such as the formulation and implementation of patent strategies, the preparation and execution of patent applications, and conducting validity investigations, infringement assessments, objections, search assignments and Freedom-To-Operate analyses (FTO).

Rikard has been working as a patent attorney since 2004, during which time he has also been contracted out to clients as their in-house patent coordinator.


Among other things, Rikard has worked with strategic advice to clients in complex infringement situations. This has involved the preparation and execution of objections in the European Patent Office and appeals in the Boards of Appeal.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Rikard worked for a start-up company in the biotech area. Rikard has extensive experience as an IP adviser for start-up companies in different development phases, for example in connection with partnerships, capital procurement and Due Diligence.

Education & Authorizations

European Patent Attorney
Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Polytechnics, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), 2000

EPI, European Patent Institute


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