Magnus Henning


Attorney at Law

Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)


Magnus is a senior consultant specialized in disputes and processes relating to trademarks, patents, design and copyright as well as media law and marketing law. He has conducted litigations in both civil and administrative courts, including the Supreme Court and the Market Court. Magnus has specialized experience of disputes in areas which include the automotive sector, manufacturing sector, energy, food, confectionery, media, the construction industry and pharmaceuticals. Magnus has experience in handling international IP-portfolios, both providing strategic counselling and managing of IP assets.


Magnus has successfully represented a Swedish client in all instances up to the Supreme Court in a precedent case concerning the BLOCKBUSTER® trademark, opposing the American video giant. The Supreme Court deals with only a small number of trademark cases in a single decade, and this case established the point in time from which the use clause is calculated.

Education & Authorizations

Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)
Authorised Trademark Attorney (EUIPO)
Authorised Design Attorney (EUIPO)
Authorised IP Attorney

Master of Laws, specializing in intellectual property law, University of Uppsala 1999

Intellectual property law and media law, Maastricht Universiteit, The Netherlands

IT-management, University of Stockholm

Language studies at Università per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy, 1996

MARQUES, Association of European Trade Mark Owners


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