Re-branding of Aura Light International

Aura Light is a global company in the lighting industry

Aura Light International AB provides lighting that is smart, sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. The company was founded in 1930 and has an annual turnover of approximately 70 million Euros. The head office is situated in Sweden with established sales operations in eleven other countries. Aura Light’s vision is to become the global leading partner for sustainable lighting solutions.

The company would carry out a re-branding

In 2012 Aura Light decided that they wanted to rebrand and change their graphic identity. The aim was to better adapt to the market and create an identity that reflected the future of lighting solutions.

Aura Light operates in a highly competitive industry and on a global market and therefore their IP assets play an important role in their strategic expansion. Our task was to ensure that their IP continued to create competitive advantages and contributed to the success of the company, even after their re-branding. Changing a company’s brand is an extensive and expensive process so it is important to minimize the risk associated with the project.

We provided strategic advice on selecting the new design and applied for new trademark registrations

Aura Light engaged a design agency to develop proposals for the new graphic identity and logo based on market research. We received three proposals to evaluate from the design agency. We initiated a strategic process with legal investigations and analyses to determine which of these proposals would create the best conditions for the future. To eliminate future problems and create maximum flexibility for Aura Light we also examined the existing IP rights of competitors and resellers on all of Aura Light’s current and future markets. Next, we analyzed the results and concluded that one of the three proposals was significantly stronger than the other two. The strongest proposal was presented to the Aura Light board of director, who soon adopted it.

Step two in the process for us was to complement existing IP assets with the new graphic identity. Together we reviewed the current markets for sales, production and transit, and draw up a strategy for trademark registrations. Thanks to the proactive groundwork, Aura Light today has their new identity protected on a global market.

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