Patent, Naming, Trademark and Domain Name for a pathology product

ContextVision’s technology helps doctors interpret medical images

ContextVision is a Swedish MedTech company with cutting-edge expertise in image analysis and artificial intelligence. The company is a global market leader in image enhancement and delivers image processing to OEM manufacturers within ultrasound, MRI, X-ray and mammography worldwide.


We assisted with patent strategy for their new pathology product

We assisted ContextVision with strategic considerations regarding patents when developing a new pathology product. An important component of ContextVision’s new product was machine learning – in this case, to identify abnormal image patterns that respond to pathological tissue alterations. The technology area is very research-intensive and with a rapid development, which is challenging when making investment decisions. With these conditions, our task was to analyze the patent landscape and give advice on how ContextVision should construct and file patents to protect this new product.


Freedom-to-Operate, strategy and patent applications

As a basis for the strategic discussions, we conducted a Freedom-to-Operate analysis (FTO), focusing on mapping competitors’ activities in related areas. This analysis was important, not only for future research and innovation, but also for future patent work.

Based on the FTO, we could give advise to ContextVision on the current patent landscape, and how they should use patents to protect the new product. We then drafted and filed patent applications in the US, Europe, Japan and China. These applications comprised a method for annotating digital tissue sections, as well as a system and software for detecting pathological animal products in a digital pathology image.


We created the name and filed the trademarks for the product

When the patent work was completed, the naming and trademark work started. Together with our sister company, the naming agency Skriptor Zigila, we were commissioned to both create and protect a trademark for the new product.

The client’s wish was to have a name that would be short and punchy, and associated with science and technology. By using their naming process, Skriptor Zigila came down to two top candidates. These two potential names were screened linguistically and communicatively, but also with regards to availability of domain names and the possibility of trademark registration. After this research, the chosen name became INIFY. Shortly thereafter, we assisted the client with trademark applications on 19 markets globally and with purchasing of the domain name from its previous owner.



I really appreciate the professional work that Groth and Skriptor Zigila have done, and feel that we have now taken important steps to build a good IP platform for our future product. When developing a new product, it is very important to think strategically and to have a long-term perspective, and Groth is good at doing so.

/Lena Kajland Wilén, Director of Business Unit Digital Pathology, ContextVision

"When developing a new product, it is very important to think strategically and to have a long-term perspective, and Groth is good at doing so."


Oct 2018


ContextVision AB




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