Patent applications in 35 countries for a ground-breaking engine

Gnostic has developed a ground-breaking diesel engine

Gnostic Motor Corporation AB is a Swedish start-up company that has developed a new type of diesel engine. Their engine substantially reduces, or even eliminates, the emission of NOx gases – the biggest environmental problem with today’s diesel engines.

We have filed patent applications in 35 countries

On behalf of Gnostic, Groth & Co have filed and prosecuted patent applications in 35 countries. We have submitted applications via the international PCT system as well as nationally in some countries. Among other things, this means that we have administrated the world’s first PCT filing in Kuwait.

The series of applications in 35 countries required skilful administration on our part. One reason being that we had limited time. But mainly because several of the countries have complex legal formalities, and there was a need for coordination of a large number of local actors; translators, patent offices, patent attorneys and lawyers as well as embassies.

Our European Patent Attorney Claes Westerlund has a Ph.D. degree in combustion engine technology. He has also worked as a development engineer at Scania, where he developed optimized steering systems for heavy diesel engines. With this very deep technical knowledge, Claes has very relevant skills for clients working with engine technology.

Our paralegal Lisa Rohan has many years of experience in complex global patent filings as well as coordination between local agents, inventors and patent offices.

There is great potential in Gnostic’s global patent portfolio

Since this engine can replace all types of diesel engines, in all types of vehicles and machinery, there is great potential for this innovation. Through our work, Gnostic will soon have a patent family protecting the core of their innovation, with coverage in 35 countries.

We will continue assisting Gnostic with patent matters and we are now in the process of preparing further applications for other parts of their ground-breaking engine. The technology is intended to be licensed, so the drafting of the patent applications as well as the selection of countries are optimized for this purpose.


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