Naming, Protection and Design of a new brand name

Our unique service of creating, protecting and designing a new brand

Under the service name Brand Entity, we, Groth & Co, have a unique collaboration consisting of the naming agency Skriptor and the design agency Loogo and offer joint services  to help clients through the entire process of creating, protecting and designing a new brand.

A newly invented deodorant should be introduced to the market

Our client, SALAB, is a company that develops and manufactures customer-specific skin, hair, and styling products, as well as several special products in health care and personal hygiene. SALAB  recently invented a new salt-based deodorant, and required assistance in the process of introducing it to the market – to create a name, secure IP rights, and give it a visual identity.

Desti – a protected and designed brand, ready to be used on all markets

The brand creation process followed our standard strategic method; Skriptor created a large number of potential names based on the client’s brief and the potential names were then pre-screened and checked linguistically by Skriptor’s international network of linguists. Thereafter, our trademark specialists conducted a full legal search on all key-markets, registers and online on a handful names that the client preferred. Once the client finalized the brand name, we filed trademark applications in the relevant classes on the relevant markets, as well as registered a number of domain names for the client. Given the urgency with launch in mind, the client also chose to register a backup trademark in case of unexpected oppositions.

Once registered the client could chose a brand name that was  – both commercially viable and strong from a legal perspective, and ready to use in all of the relevant markets for the client.

After the applications were filed, Loogo started their work with the visual identity and design for the brand name. Loogo also produced the graphic package design such as labels to the entire line.

The entire process, from brief to a registered and designed brand name, ready for launch, was five months.



"Brand Entity - a unique collaboration to help clients in name creation, legal protection and designing a new brand"


Sep 2015


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