Name creation of a trademark for a pharmaceutical product

Nycomed is a pharmaceutical company operating in 70 countries

Nycomed is a pharmaceutical company that was founded in Norway in 1874 and is today owned by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceutical. The company’s focus is in therapeutic areas such as metabolic diseases, osteoporosis, oncology, heart / vascular, CNS diseases, inflammatory and immunological diseases, lung diseases and pain. Today the company operates in 70 countries and ranks number 12 in the world in sales of prescription drugs.

Groth & Co has a unique collaboration with our name-creating sister company Skriptor. Together we can create trademarks that are commercially viable and strong from a legal perspective.

Launching a drug is a big investment and it is essential to register trademarks

It normally takes 10 to 12 years to develop new drugs and it is a resource-demanding process. It is therefore essential to ensure Return On Investment through intellectual property rights, and thus optimize the investments made. In late 2009, Nycomed was ready to launch a new drug against osteoporosis in the form of an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water. Skriptor and Groth & Co were assigned to create an IP asset in the form of a trademark for the global market.

We created a name ready for use in 35 markets

Through a structured and strategic model, over 600 name proposals were created. These quickly became 125, which then became 25. The 25 name proposals were carefully analyzed for 35 selected markets. The names had to work linguistically in the respective languages, be registrable in all of the countries and admittable by regulatory authorities in both the US and Europe. The result of this process was the name Steovess – a strong trademark both commercially viable and strong from a legal perspective, and ready to use in 35 markets.


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