Domain name strategy in connection to a name change

Saab Automobile Parts needed to change its name

Saab Automobile Parts AB was the former name of a global spare parts and logistics company. The company has been in business for over 60 years and it markets, sells and distributes Saab Original spare parts in over 60 countries.

The company planned to expand both the client base and product line to include spare parts for other brands of cars as well. In addition, the company would start additional logistics services and technical services. To accomplish this, they chose to change its name to Orio AB.

A name change requires the availability of domain names

For a name change of a company, there is a lot that must be right. The new name will be used in all relevant markets, including the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to have domain names in mind early in the process. .COM is a fiercely competitive top-level domain where it can often be difficult to find available domain names. Sometimes, as in this case, the availability of domain names is crucial to the company and it is important that the assets are secured in the correct order and at the right time.

We created a strategy for domain names, and assisted with registrations, negotiations and transfers

When a company changes its name, it is important to be proactive. With regard to domain names, we made research about any new name suggestions to determine their viability on the internet. We reported the results of the researches back to the client for them to then make their decision. When the client made their choice of brand, we created a strategy for domain portfolio and assisted with registration, negotiation and transfer of a number of selected domain names. Some domain names were available and could be recorded directly, while for some others we had to negotiate. The .COM domain was the most difficult domain to secure, as it is the most popular top-level domain and many domain names are already assigned. Therefor a comprehensive secondary market emerged. In this case the .COM domain name was already assigned but after negotiations with the owner, we were able to take over the domain. The new company Orio AB now has a number of strategic domain names in its IP portfolio, which together create good potential for a strong presence on the internet. We also handled trademark issues related to the name change. Going forward, we will conduct domain watching services in more than 220 top-level domains for new domain names that are close to the ones we have registered on Orio’s behalf. The aim is to detect possible intrusions in a timely manner in order to take action against them.

"If your company decides to go for a name change, it is important to think about domain names early in the process. It affects both your choice of name as well as the scope of protection on the Internet."


Saab Automobile Parts AB (now Orio AB)




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