Customs seizures of counterfeit goods

Henkel’s product OSiS + DUST IT is very successful in Sweden

Henkel manufactures and sells its product OSiS + DUST IT through its subsidiary Schwarzkopf. OSiS + DUST IT is a light powder that is used to give hair extra volume and firmness. The product is very successful in the Swedish market and one of the main sales channels is through professional hairdressers and hair salons.

Counterfeit products of poor quality started coming to Sweden

Henkel had problems with counterfeit goods, in particular OSiS + DUST IT, imported to Sweden. A large proportion of these were addressed to professional hairdressers. Some of the counterfeit goods were of such poor quality that they could cause injuries for the end-user.

Through customs surveillance, we managed to drastically reduce the number of counterfeit goods

By applying for customs surveillance and through close cooperation with the customs officials, we managed to stop many of the counterfeit goods from coming into the country. Toghether with Henkel, we were also able to hold on to suspected goods and contact the importers who had ordered the counterfeit goods. This was all done very quickly to prevent these potentially dangerous products coming out onto the market. Through our joint efforts, we have succeeded in drastically reducing imports of counterfeit goods for Henkel. What is even more significant is that imports of counterfeit goods to professional hairdressers has, in principle, ceased completely.


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